Current AIMS Fellows, 2017-2018

Max Ajl, The Politics of Price Setting: Farmers, Industrialists, the State, and Market-Making in Modern Tunisia PhD Candidate, Cornell University, Development Sociology, Tunisia

Audi G. Bajalia, Waiting at the Border: Language, Labor, and Infrastructure in Northern Morocco
PhD Student, Columbia University, Anthropology, Morocco

Alexandra Blackman, Religious Endowments and Property Rights in Tunisia
PhD Candidate, Stanford University, Political Science, Tunisia

Farah Hegazi, Patronage, Parties, and Protests: The Politics of Water and Sanitation in Tunisia
PhD Student, Duke University, Environmental Policy, Tunisia

Stephanie Love, Living among the martyrs: Semiotics, post-colonial narratives, and public commemoration of the war dead in contemporary Algeria
PhD Candidate, City University of New York, Graduate Center, Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology, Algeria

Jose Ciro Martinez, The Politics of Bread: Food and Welfare in Contemporary Morocco
PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge, Politics and International Studies, Morocco

Caitlyn Olson, Islamic Philosophy in the Maghrib: The Case of Muhammad b. Yusuf al-Sanuse (d 1490)
PhD Candidate, Harvard University, NELC/History, Multi: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia

Nadia Sariahmed, Battles of Algiers: Popular Islamic Politics during and after the Anticolonial Struggle
PhD Student, Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies, Algeria

Paraska Tolan-Szkilnik, Poetics of Panafrican Power: Creating Cultural Panafricanism in the Maghreb
PhD Student, University of Pennsylvania, History, Multi: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia