Current AIMS Fellows, 2019-2020

David Balgley, Aspirations of Rural Youth in the Gharb Region
MA Student, Georgetown University, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Morocco

Kevin Blankinship, Al-Ma`arri’s Admirers in the Maghrib: Classical Arabic Literature East and West
PhD, Brigham Young University, Asian and Near Eastern Languages, Tunisia

Samantha Cloud, A Mediterranean King in the Age of Crusade: Interreligious Diplomacy between Charles of Anjou & Mohammad al-Mustansir of Tunis
PhD Candidate, Saint Louis University, History, Tunisia

Alexander Elinson, Local Cultures and World Literatures: The Export of Moroccan Literature across the Arab World
PhD, Hunter College, CUNY, Classical and Oriental Studies, Morocco

Samia Errazzouki, Race, Slavery, and Empire-Building in the African Atlantic: Morocco’s Invasion of the Songhai Empire (1591)
PhD Student, University of California, Davis, History, Mauritania

Riad Kherdeen, Spectral Modernisms: Decolonial Aesthetics and the Art of Resistance in Early Post-Protectorate Morocco, 1962-1979
PhD Student, University of California, Berkeley, History of Art, Morocco

Paul Love, The Buffalo Agency: Maghribi Ibadis in Cairo, 1850-1950
PhD, Al Akhawayn University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tunisia, Algeria

Ibrahim Mansour, The Devotional Texts of Muslim Mystics in Medieval North Africa: The Shadhili Sufi Order, 13th-15th C.E.
PhD Candidate, University of California, Santa Barbara, History, Morocco

Karen McNeil, Material Acquisition for Tunisian Arabic Corpus
PhD Student, Georgetown University, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Tunisia

Lawrence Peskin, James Simpson’s Consular Network
PhD, Morgan State University, History, Morocco

Zoe Petkanas, The Politics of Parity: Gendering the Tunisian Polity, 2011-2018
PhD, Independent, Tunisia

Luke Sebastian Scalone, France’s Shattered Empire: Fascism and Republicanism in Colonial Tunisia, 1931-1944
PhD Candidate, Northeastern University, History, Tunisia

Johanna Sluiter, Evolutionary Habitat: The Atelier des Bâtisseurs in Late-Colonial North Africa, 1949-1954
PhD Candidate, New York University, Institute of Fine Arts, Algeria, Morocco

Emma Snowden, Bridging the Strait: The Shared History of Iberia and North Africa in Medieval Muslim and Christian Chronicles
PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota, History, Morocco

SherAli Tareen, Islam and the Ethics of Authenticity: Law, Heresy, Innovation
PhD, Franklin and Marshall College, Religious Studies, Tunisia

Athena Trakadas, Atlantic River-scapes: marine geological and archaeological research of ancient harbour sites in Morocco
PhD, Independent, Editor, Journal of Maritime Archaeology/ guest researcher, National Museum of Denmark, Morocco

Michelle D. Weitzel, Drones, Sirens, and Prayer Calls: Unheard Consequences of a Politics of Sound
PhD Candidate, New School for Social Research, Politics, Algeria