The Journal of North African Studies

Published By: Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group
Frequency: 6 issues per year
Online ISSN: 1743-9345

Aims & Scope
North Africa has rarely been treated as a cohesive area of study, even though historical and social links have always been strong, with most of its constituent countries having been part of the Ottoman empire. In part this has been because of its colonial past, with Egypt and Sudan having been under British control, Libya being first occupied by Italy, then administered by Britain and France; whilst the maghrib states of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania belonged to the French colonial empire, with a Spanish presence in parts of Morocco and the Western Sahara. Today, however, the countries concerned increasingly share a common destiny.

The Journal of North African Studies is a forum for scholars of and from the region. Its contents cover both country-based and regional themes which range from historical topics to sociological, anthropological, economic, diplomatic and other issues. It is the first academic journal in English to analyse the historic and current affairs of what has become an important and coherent region of the Mediterranean basin which is also linked to the Middle East and Africa.

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