Below is the list of current AIMS members. If you are not on the list, AIMS has not received your annual dues. Please visit the ‘Joining AIMS’ page or write to for information on renewing your membership or joining AIMS.

Total Current Members: 126
Aboulaoula Soukaina Student
Ahmed Faiz Brown University Institutional Member
Ahmed Sumayya Simmons University School of Library and Information Science Individual
Al-Ali Nadje Brown University Middle East Studies Institutional Member
Alalou Ali University of Delaware Languages, Literatures & Cultures Individual
Ale-Ebrahim Benjamin Indiana University, Bloomington Anthropology Student
Ali Samer University of Michigan Near Eastern Studies AIMS Lifetime Member
Almassizadeh Renee University of Southern California Middle East Studies Institutional Member
Amri Myriam Harvard University Anthropology Student
Azaz Mahmoud University of Arizona Middle Eastern and North African Studies Institutional Member
Bajalia Audi Columbia University Anthropology Student
Becker Cynthia Boston University Art History Institutional Member
Ben-Meir Yossef High Atlas Foundation Individual
Benstead Lindsay J Portland State University Political Science Individual
Bergh Sylvia Int'l Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam Individual
Betteridge Anne University of Arizona CMES, Director Institutional Member
Bishop Elizabeth Texas State University History Individual
Boudraa Nabil Oregon State University School of Language, Culture and Society Institutional Member
Bowen Donna Lee Brigham Young University Political Science Department Institutional Member
Brand Laurie University of Southern California School of International Relations AIMS Lifetime Member
Brazzoduro Andrea Ca' Foscari University of Venice / University of Oxford Individual
Bufano Michael University of Alabama Political Science Student
Butler Anne Marie Kalamazoo College Art History and Women, Gender, Sexuality Individual
Calderwood Eric University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Program in Comparative and World Literature Individual
Campbell Ian Georgia State University World Languages & Cultures Institutional Member
Chomiak Laryssa CEMAT Director CEMAT Director
Cigar Norman US Marine Corps Command and Staff College Individual
Collins-Elliott Stephen Univeristy of Tennessee, Knoxville Classics Individual
Coslett Daniel University of Washington College of Built Environments Individual
Crane Sheila University of Virginia Architectural History Individual
Cutler Brock Radford University History Individual
Davison John TALIM Director TALIM Director
Day Bill Day Law Practice (former Peace Corps Morocco Volunteer) Individual
DeMott Sarah Harvard University Research Librarian for Middle East, Judaica, and Near East Individual
Diniega Rachael University of Vienna Geography, Research Platform on Mobile Cultures and Societies Student
Dobie Madeleine Columbia University French, ICLS Individual
Eickelman Dale Dartmouth College Anthropology Department AIMS Lifetime Member
El Echi Sahar Ecole supérieure de l’audiovisuel et du cinéma in Tunis Student
Eldemerdash Nadia Student
Entelis John Fordham University Department of Political Science/Middle East Studies AIMS Lifetime Member
Falecka Katarzyna Individual
Farley Robert University of California, Los Angeles Comparative Literature Student
Feather Ginger University of Kansas Political Science Individual
Fetzer Glenn New Mexico State University Languages and Linguistics Individual
Fico Jamie Syracuse University Geography and the Environment Student
Foster Angel University of Ottawa AIMS Lifetime Member
Frelier Jocelyn Texas A&M University International Studies Individual
Frey David Brigham Young University Psychology Student
Fromherz Allen Georgia State University History AIMS President
Gao Jie University of Arizona School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies Institutional Student Member
Gaul Anny University of Maryland, College Park School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures Individual
Goodman Jane Indiana University Communication and Culture Individual
Gould Erin Chapman University Cultural Anthropology Individual
Grau Nathan Harvard University Student
Graybill Aaron University of Arizona MENAS Student
Groupp Emilia Stanford University Anthropology Student
Gruskin Rebecca Stanford University History Student
Guessous Nadia Colorado College Feminist and Gender Studies Individual
Harrison Olivia University of Southern California French and Middle East Studies Institutional Member
Henry Clement Moore University of Texas at Austin Government Department Individual
Hernandez Ellen Camden County College English Individual
Hickman Kristin University of Mississippi Sociology and Anthropology Individual
Holden Stacy Purdue University History Department Student
Holod Renata University of Pennsylvania Art History Department Individual
Holton Jared University of California, Santa Barbara Ethnomusicology Student
Howell Jennifer Illinois State University Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Individual
Hughes Rinker Cortney George Mason University Sociology and Anthropology Individual
Jarvis Jill Yale University French Institutional Member
Jelassi Nadia Institut supérieur des Beaux-Arts, Tunis Individual
Joffe George University of Cambridge Politics and Int'l Studies AIMS Lifetime Member
Jumet Kira Hamilton College Government Individual
Karass Alan Columbus State University Library Individual
Laurence Jonathan Boston College Political Science Individual
Lemieux Anthony Georgia State University Global Studies & Communication Institutional Member
Mackaman-Lofland Catalina "Kiki" Ohio State University History Student
Maddy-Weitzman Bruce Tel Aviv University History of the Middle East and Africa Individual
Marglin Jessica University of Southern California Near Eastern Studies Individual
Marsans-Sakly Silvia Fairfield University History/Islamic World Individual
Marshall Michelle Individual
Masarwa Yumna IAU College - The American College of the Mediterranean School of Humanities and Social Sciences Individual
McCreight Maura CUNY Graduate Center Art History Student
McDonald Juliana University of Kentucky Anthropology Individual
McMahon Tierra London School of Economics and Political Science Anthropology Student
Mecham Quinn Brigham Young University Institutional Member
Meyer Joanna Independent Scholar Sustainable Development and Counterterrorism Studies Individual
Miller James MACECE Geography/History AIMS Lifetime Member
Muehlbauer Mikael Columbia University Individual
Muggill Gail University of Arkansas History Student
Nugent Jeffrey University of Southern California Economics Institutional Member
Othmani Beya Berlin-Weissensee School of Fine Arts Student
Owen David Harvard University NELC Student
Pallez Frederic Individual
Parks Robert CEMA Director CEMA Director
Pepi Eda Yale University Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Institutional Member
Perego Elizabeth Individual
Perkins Kenneth University of South Carolina History Individual
Pettigrew Erin NYU Abu Dhabi History Individual
Ross Christopher United Nations Department of Political Affairs Individual
Ryan Terry AIMS US Director AIMS US Director
Schuster Michael University of Florida Religion Student
Scoville Spencer Brigham Young University Asian and Near Eastern Languages Institutional Member
Shannon Jonathan Hunter College Dept of Anthropology Individual
Slyomovics Susan UCLA Anthropology Department AIMS Lifetime Member
Solomon Carol Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies Individual
Stockstill Abbey Southern Methodist University Meadows School of the Arts, Art History Individual
Stoolman Jessie University of California, Los Angeles Anthropology Student
Taggert Leigh Atlsa Cultural Foundation Public Health Individual
Talley Gwyneth University of Nebraska-Lincoln Anthropology Individual
Tessler Mark University of Michigan Political Science AIMS Lifetime Member
Trakadas Athena University of Southampton, UK Individual
Trevisan Semi Emanuela Universita Ca 'Foscari Venezia Studi Eurasiatici Individual
Tripp Charles SOAS University of London Politics and International Studies Individual
Walters Keith Portland State University Applied Linguistics AIMS Lifetime Member
Webber Sabra Ohio State University Department of Near Eastern Languages AIMS Lifetime Member
Werenfels Isabelle German Inst. for Int'l and Security Affairs Middle East and Africa Individual
White Owen University of Delaware History Individual
White Gregory Smith College Department of Government AIMS Lifetime Member
Wilder Keenan Brown University Sociology Student
Williford Daniel University of Wisconsin-Madison History Individual
Winder Alex Brown University Middle East Studies Institutional Member
Wylie Diana Boston University African Studies Center Institutional Member
Wyrtzen Jonathan Yale University History Institutional Member
Yanco Jennifer Boston University West African Research Association Institutional Member
Youssef Maro University of Texas at Austin Sociology Student
Zartman I William Johns Hopkins University-SAIS Conflict Management AIMS Lifetime Member
Ziou Ziou Abdeslam Student