The members of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) have centers in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, West Africa, West Bank/Gaza Strip and Yemen. They serve as a base for virtually every American scholar undertaking research in the host countries.

American Overseas Research Centers offer many services to scholars including:

  • providing research libraries, technical services, and living accommodations;
  • serving as a base for field expeditions;
  • supporting publication of papers, books and serials, newsletters and information bulletins;
  • sponsoring joint scholarly projects and offering a program of conferences, lectures, seminars, concerts and exhibitions;
  • providing a place for contact and exchange between American researchers and their host-country counterparts as well as third-country colleagues working in the host-country;
  • liaison with host country governments and universities in obtaining access to research sources; and
  • monitoring and offering advice on the research climate in the host-country.

In addition to support for scholars, most centers make available their research to interested members of the U.S. and host-country publics, including primary and secondary schools. Most centers are consortia of U.S. universities and are governed by representatives of their member institutions. All centers are independently incorporated in the United States as private, not-for-profit organizations.

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