AIMS at MESA 2020
October 5-17, 2020
Virtual Conference

Each year the AIMS board meets in conjunction with the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Annual Meeting. Following the AIMS board meeting, all members and potential members are invited to attend the AIMS business meeting.

AIMS & MESA 2021
October 28-31, 2021
Montreal, Canada

Please check back for updates.

AIMS @ MESA 2020
2020 AIMS Sponsored Panels:
Political and Social Change in the Pre-Modern Islamic Maghrib
[P5954] Saturday, 10/17/20 11:00 am

Encountering Power in (Post) Colonial Algerian Spaces
[P6050] Wednesday, 10/14/20 11:00 am

2020 Jeanne Jeffers Mrad Presentation Awards:
Danielle Beaujon, New York University
Defining Art: Policing the Politics of Algerian Theater, 1935-1954
[P6050] Wednesday, 10/14/20 11:00 am

Moyagaye Bedward, Rutgers University
Haratin Nationalists in Morocco’s Anti-Atlas
[P5981] Tuesday, 10/06/20 01:30 pm

Nada Berrada, Virginia Tech
Contextualizing agential possibilities in the work space: Young Moroccan’s accounts of their everyday realities
[P6147] Friday, 10/16/20 11:00 am

Guy Eyre, University of London, SOAS
The political as friend/antagonist boundary-drawing? : Rethinking religious (anti-)politics in the MENA region
[P6179] Wednesday, 10/14/20 01:30 pm

Kaoutar Ghilani, University of Oxford
Language, Nation-Building, and Legitimacy: Morocco’s Discourse on the Failure of Arabization
[P6169] Thursday, 10/15/20 01:30 pm

Jared Holton, University of California, Santa Barbara
Maghrebi Musical Heritage, Resistance, and Survival: The Tunisian-Libyan Malouf Slam Collaborative
[P6134] Saturday, 10/17/20 11:00 am

Peter Kitlas, Princeton University
What is Moroccan about diplomacy in the 18th Century Mediterranean?
[P5954] Saturday, 10/17/20 11:00 am

Stephanie Love, City University of New York
“The past archived is the voice of freedom:” The political and creative work of remembering and forgetting during al-Hirak in Algeria
[P6131] Wednesday, 10/14/20 01:30 pm

Patrick Snyder, University of Minnesota
Red Lines and Repression: Changing Regimes of Self-Censorship in Morocco
[P5908] Monday, 10/05/20 01:30 pm

Maro Youssef, University of Texas at Austin
Women’s Associations and Foreign Donor Assistance in Tunisia
[P5851] Wednesday, 10/14/20 11:00 am


AIMS nine member Board of Directors serve three year terms. Annually, two are selected from the Institutional Members and one from the general membership. Officers, staff and Overseas Research Directors are part of AIMS steering committee. Past officers and directors are often asked to attend in an advisory capacity.

Current AIMS Board: (through year listed)

2021: Ali Akhtar, Bates College
2021: Chouki El Hamel, Arizona State University
2021: Quinn Mecham, Brigham Young University

2022: Paul Love, Al Akhawayn University
2022: Jacob Mundy, Colgate University
2022: Michael Toler, Aga Khan Documentation Center at MIT

2023: Nabil Boudraa, Oregon State University
2023: Gwyneth Talley, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2023: Yael Warshel, Pennsylvania State University

AIMS Officers, Staff and Advisors:
Allen Fromherz, President
James Miller, Vice President
Mia Fuller, Treasurer
Diana Wylie, Secretary
Terry Ryan, AIMS US Director
Robert Parks, CEMA Director
Laryssa Chomiak, CEMAT Director
John Davison, TALIM Director
Rick Spees, CAORC Director
I. William Zartman, Founding Member