Below is the list of current AIMS members. If you are not on the list, AIMS has not received your annual dues. Please visit the ‘Joining AIMS’ page or write to for information on renewing your membership or joining AIMS.

Total Current Members: 286
Adely Fida Georgetown University Center for Contemporary Arab Studies Institutional Member
Adil Sabahat University of Colorado Boulder Asian Languages & Civilizations Individual
Admiral Rosemary University of Texas at Dallas School of Arts and Humanities Individual
Ahmed Faiz Brown University Institutional Member
Aidi Yasmina Princeton University Spanish and Portuguese Student
Akhtar Ali Bates College Religious Studies Individual
Albin Michael Independent Scholar Individual
Ali Samer University of Michigan Near Eastern Studies AIMS Lifetime Member
Almassizadeh Renee University of Southern California Middle East Studies Institutional Member
Anabtawi Samer George Washington University Political Science Student
Anderson Samuel UCLA History Student
Asseraf Arthur University of Cambridge History Individual
Azeb Sophia New York University Gallatin Institutional Member
Bajalia Audi Columbia University Anthropology Student
Barnard Debbie Tennessee Technological University Department of Foreign Languages Individual
Barouti Tina Boston University History of Art and Architecture Student
Beaujon Danielle New York University Histroy & Institute of French Studies Student
Becker Cynthia Boston University Art History Institutional Member
Ben-Meir Yossef High Atlas Foundation Individual
Benstead Lindsay J Portland State University Political Science Institutional Member
Bergh Sylvia Int'l Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam Individual
Betteridge Anne University of Arizona CMES, Director Institutional Member
Blalack July SOAS, University of London Centre for Cultural Literary and Postcolonial Studies Student
Bodetti Austin Boston College Student
Boduszynski Mieczyslaw Pomona College Politics Individual
Bowen Donna Lee Brigham Young University Political Science Department Institutional Member
Boyer Micah University of Southern Florida Individual
Brand Laurie University of Southern California School of International Relations AIMS Lifetime Member
Brauer Matthew Northwestern University Franch & Italian Student
Brazzoduro Andrea Trinity College Indidivual
Brower Benjamin C. University of Texas at Austin History Institutional Member
Browers Michaelle Wake Forest University Political Science Institutional Member
Brown Leon Carl Princeton University Department of Near Eastern Studies AIMS Lifetime Member
Brozgal Lia University of California, Los Angeles French and Francophone Studies Individual
Butler Anne Marie University of Buffalo Global Gender and Sexuality Studies Student
Byrne Jeffrey University of British Columbia History Individual
Cainkar Louise Marquette University Institutional Member
Calderwood Eric University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Program in Comparative and World Literature Individual
Catlos Brian University of Colorado at Boulder Religious Studies Individual
Chahine Iman Georgia State University Education and Human Development Institutional Member
Chomiak Laryssa CEMAT Director CEMAT Director
Cigar Norman US Marine Corps Command and Staff College Individual
Clancy-Smith Julia University of Arizona History Department Individual
Cole Juan University of Michigan History Institutional Member
Cole Joshua University of Michigan History Institutional Member
Collins-Elliott Stephen Univeristy of Tennessee, Knoxville Classics Individual
Colwell Rachel UC Berkeley Ethnomusicology Student
Correa Silvia Wake Forest University Institutional Contact
Coslett Daniel University of Washington College of Built Environments Individual
Crane Sheila University of Virginia Architectural History Individual
Crusinberry Jacob Missouri State University History Student
Cutler Brock Radford University History Individual
Dabney Emily Clark University Holocaust , Genocide Studies Student
Daher Stephanie Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies Law, Politics and Development Student
Davis Rochelle Georgetown University CCAS Institutional Member
Davis Muriam University of California, Santa Cruz History Institutional Member
Davison John TALIM Director TALIM Director
Day Bill Day Law Practice (former Peace Corps Morocco Volunteer) Individual
Dean Veronica University of California, Los Angeles French and Francophone Studies Student
Demerdash Nancy Wells College Visual Arts Individual
DeMott Sarah New York University International Education Individual
Deubel Tara University of South Florida Anthropology Individual
Dike Miriam Ruth University of Kentucky Anthropology Student
Dominski Kaitlyn University of Chicago, Georgetown University Center for Middle Eastern Studies / Government Student
Doumani Beshara Brown University Watson Inst. Institutional Member
Drury Mark City University of New York-Graduate Center Anthropology Student
Duke David Portland State University Political Science Institutional Student Member
Durham Brooke Stanford University History Student
Eddaira Ayoub Independent Individual
Edwards Brian Northwestern University English and Comparative Literary Studies Individual
Eickelman Dale Dartmouth College Anthropology Department AIMS Lifetime Member
El Guabli Brahim Princeton University Comparative Literature Student
El Shakry Hoda Individual
El Vilaly Audra University of Arizona School of Geography and Development Institutional Member
El-Rouayheb Khaled Harvard University Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations Individual
Elder Alison University of Arizona Geography Student
Enright Marie University of Southern California Latin American and Iberian Cultures Individual
Entelis John Fordham University Department of Political Science/Middle East Studies AIMS Lifetime Member
Erickson Cloe Atlas Cultural Foundation Founder Individual
Errazzouki Samia University of California, Davis History Student
Errihani Mohammed Purdue University Individual
Esposito Claudia University of Massachusetts, Boston Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures Individual
Fancy Hussein University of Michigan History Institutional Member
Farley Robert University of California, Los Angeles Comparative Literature Student
Faruqi Daanish Duke University History Student
Fassi Fihri Hakima Universite Internationale de Rabat President's Office Student, Institutional Member
Favron Cecile Simon Fraser University School for International Studies Student
Feather Ginger University of Kansas Political Science Individual
Feuer Sarah Washington Institute for Near East Policy; Institute for National Security Studies Individual
Fierro Maribel Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificsas CSIC Grupo de Estudios Arabes Individual
Flegg Gemma University of Birmingham History Student
Foster Angel University of Ottawa AIMS Lifetime Member
Frelier Jocelyn Sam Houston State University World Languages & Cultures Individual
Fromherz Allen Georgia State University History AIMS President
Fuller Mia University of California-Berkeley Italian Studies Institutional Member
Galal Ola Graduate Center CUNY Student
Gauch Suzanne Temple University English Individual
Gaul Anny Georgetown University Arabic and Islamic Studies Student
Geffrard Faithna Boston University Gastronomy Student
Ghoche Ralph Barnard College Individual
Glick Alison Georgetown University Center for Contemporary Arab Studies Institutional Member
Goodman Jane Indiana University Communication and Culture Individual
Gottreich Emily Benichou University of California, Berkeley Center for Middle Eastern Studies Institutional Member
Gould Erin University of California, Riverside Anthropology Student
Granara William Harvard University Center for Middle East Studies Institutional Member
Gray Doris Al Akhawayn University School of Humanities and Social Sciences Institutional Member
Gross-Wyrtzen Leslie Clark University Graduate School of Geography Student
Gruskin Rebecca Stanford University History Student
Guessous Nadia Colorado College Feminist and Gender Studies Individual
Halliwell John Columbia University Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies Student
Harraida Abdellatif Université Internationale de Rabat International Relations and Partnerships Institutional Member
Harrison Olivia University of Southern California French and Middle East Studies Institutional Member
Hassam Stephan University of South Florida History Student
Hassan Mona Duke University/UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies Islamic Studies & History Institutional Member
Hayes Jarrod Monash University School of LLCL, Faculty of Arts Individual
Heckman Alma University of Southern California, Santa Cruz History Institutional Member
Hemmig Christopher Kenyon College Modern Languages and Literatures Individual
Hendrickson Jocelyn University of Alberta History & Classics Individual
Hendrickson Burleigh Dickinson College African Studies Individual
Henneberg Sabina John Hopkins University SAIS Africa Studies Program Individual
Henry Clement Moore University of Texas at Austin Government Department Individual
Hernandez Ellen Camden County College Academic Skills English Dept.; Center at CCC Individual
Hickman Kristin University of Chicago Anthropology Student
Hill Jonathan Kings College London Defence Studies Individual
Hoisington, Jr. William A. University of Illinois-Chicago History Department Individual
Holden Stacy Purdue University History Department Individual
Holton Jared University of California, Santa Barbara Ethnomusicology Student
Howell Jennifer Illinois State University Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Individual
Iddins Annemarie Fairfield University Communication Individual
Ilahiane Hsain University of Kentucky Anthropology Individual
Ireland Patrick Illinois Institute of Technology Social Sciences Individual
Ismail Youssef Ben Harvard University NELC Student, Institutional Member
Jankowsky Richard Tufts University Music Department Individual
Jarvis Jill Yale University French Institutional Member
Jebnoun Noureddine Georgetown University Contemporary Arab Studies Individual
Joffe George University of Cambridge Politics and Int'l Studies AIMS Lifetime Member
Jordan William Independent Individual
Joudah Nour University of California, Los Angeles Geography Student
Jumet Kira Hamilton College Government Individual
Kalman Samuel St. Francis Xavier University History Individual
Kapchan Deborah New York University Performance Studies Institutional Member
Kara Onur King's College London War Studies Student
Karass Alan New England Conservatory Library Individual
Katz Jonathan Oregon State University School of History, Philosophy and Religion Individual
Kazemi Elham University of California, Irvine Political Science Student
Khannous Touria Louisiana State University Foreign Languages and Literatures Individual
Kleinberger Leah Georgia State University Student
Knafou Brian University of Southern California Political Science and Int'l Relations Student
Koerber Benjamin Rutgers University Individual
Korinek Allison New York University History Student
Kosansky Oren Lewis and Clark Sociology and Anthropology Individual
Kutz William University of Manchester School of Environment, Education and Development Individual
Laayouni Yahya Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Languages and Cultures Individual
Lambert Jessica Boston University Anthropology Student
Lane Mary Ellen CAORC Former Director AIMS Lifetime Member
Lang Alexander University of Texas - Austin History Individual
Laremont Ricardo SUNY Binghamton Political Science and Sociology Individual
Leber Andrew Harvard University Government Student
Lemieux Anthony Georgia State University Global Studies & Communication Institutional Member
Leservot Typhaine Individual
Levin Sarah University of California, Berkeley Near Eastern Studies Student
Limbrick Peter UC Santa Cruz Film and Digital Media Individual
Llorens Natasha Student
Love Paul Al Akhawayn University School of Humanities and Social Sciences Individual
Maddy-Weitzman Bruce Tel Aviv University Dayan Center for Middle Eastern/African Studies Individual
Mako Shamiran Brown University Middle East Studies Institutional Member
Malachowski Justin University of California, Davis Anthropology Student
Malczycki W. Matt Auburn University History Individual
Mansour Ibrahim University of California, Santa Barbara History Student
Mansour Nadirah Princeton University Near Eastern Studies Student
Marglin Jessica University of Southern California Near Eastern Studies Individual
Marsans-Sakly Silvia Fairfield University History/Islamic World Individual
Martinez Jose University of Cambridge Comparative Politics Student
Matsushita Elizabeth Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign History Student
May Darlene Wake Forest University Middle East South Asia Studies Institutional Member
McDonald Juliana University of Kentucky Anthropology Individual
Mecham Quinn Brigham Young University Institutional Member
Mehdoui Reem Student
Mezran Karim Atlantic Council Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East Individual
Michael Marc New York University Near Eastern Studies Institutional Member
Michalak Laurence University of California-Berkeley Institutional Member
Miller James MACECE Geography/History AIMS Lifetime Member
Miller Terence Marquette University Institutional Member
Mokhtari Najib Universite Internationale de Rabat Culture, Language and Civilization Institutional Member
Moody Rebecca Syracuse University Religion Student
Morony Michael University of California, Los Angeles History Department Individual
Mortimer Robert Haverford College Political Science Department Individual
Mundy Jacob Colgate University Peace & Conflict Studies Individual
Murphy Philip J. University of North Carolina, Greensboro College of Visual & Performing Arts Individual
Naylor Phillip Marquette University History Department Institutional Member
Nelson Katie Inver Hills Community College Anthropology Individual
Norman Kelsey University of Denver Sié Chéou-Kang Center Individual
Nugent Jeffrey University of Southern California Economics Institutional Member
Olson Caitlyn Harvard University NELC Student
Orlando Valerie University of Maryland, College Park French and Italian Individual
Orr Christopher Florida State University Musicology Student
Ouissal Harize Durham University School of Modern Languages and Cultures Student
Oumoussa Abderrazzak Student
Parks Robert CEMA Director CEMA Director
Partridge Diana University of Maryland Political Science Student
Pattison Joel University of California, Berkeley History Student
Pearce Ashleigh University of Texas at Austin History Student
Perego Elizabeth Individual
Perkins Kenneth University of South Carolina History Individual
Perry Wendy Boyd Caton Group, Inc. Federal Consulting Individual
Perry Jackson Georgetown University History Student
Peskin Lawrence Individual
Phaneuf Victoria University of Arizona Anthropology Individual
Pozzi Sara University of Manchester Social Anthropology, School of Social Sciences Student
Qaddumi Dena University of Cambridge Architecture Student
Quandt William University of Virginia Department of Politics Individual
Rahmouni Kamilia University of Arizona MENAS Student, Institutional Member
Rahnama Sara Johns Hopkins University History Student
Rignall Karen University of Kentucky Anthropology Individual
Rizvi Kishwar Yale University History of Art Institutional Member
Roberts Priscilla H. Independent Individual
Rollman Wilfrid J. Boston University History Department Individual
Rominger Christopher City University of New York Student
Ross Christopher United Nations Department of Political Affairs Individual
Russo Andrew University of Rochester History Student
Ryan Terry AIMS US Director AIMS US Director
Safran Janina Penn State University History Institutional Member
Said Karem Stanford University Anthropology Student
Sakthivel Vish University of Oxford Oriental Institute & Middle East Centre Student
Sariahmed Nadia Columbia University Middle Eastern, South Asian and Africa Studies Student
Schraeder Peter Loyola University Chicago Political Science Individual
Schreier Joshua Vassar College History Individual
Schriber Ari Harvard University Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Institutional Student Member
Schroth Ryan Eastern Illinois University Foreign Languages Individual
Schumacher Leslie Rogne Saint Joseph's University History Individual
Schwartz Sarah University of Texas at Austin Middle East Studies Student
Scoville Spencer Brighma Young University Asian and Near Eastern Languages Institutional Member
Segalla Spencer University of Tampa History Individual
Sendi Mehrez George Mason University Psychology Student
Serres Thomas University of California, Santa Cruz Politics Institutional Member
Shannon Jonathan Hunter College Dept of Anthropology Individual
Sienna Noam Brandeis University Student
Silver Chris UCLA History Individual
Silverstein Paul Reed College Anthropology Department Individual
Slyomovics Susan UCLA Anthropology Department AIMS Lifetime Member
Smail Gareth Georgetown University Center for Contemporary Arab Studies Student
Snowden Emma University of Minnesota History Student
Soulaimani Dris University of Michigan Near Eastern Studies Individual
Spadola Emilio Tufts University Anthropology Individual
Spain Walter Student
St John Ronald Bruce Independent Scholar Individual
Stafford Eoghan University of California, Los Angeles Political Science Student
Stearns Justin New York University Abu Dhabi Arab Crossroads Studies Individual
Steele Matt Student
Steele Joshua University of Arizona Student
Stein Sarah UCLA History Individual
Stenner David Christopher Newport University History Indivudal
Talbayev Edwige Tulane University French and Italian Individual
Talley Gwyneth University of California-Los Angeles Anthropology Student
Tayeb Leila Northwestern University Performance Studies Student
Terem Etty Rhodes College History Individual
Tessler Mark University of Michigan Political Science AIMS Lifetime Member
Thinn Marquett Georgia Military College Social Sciences Student
Thompson Laura Anne Georgetown University Student
Tissieres Hélène Independent Individual
Tolan Szkilnik Paraska University of Pennsylvania History Student
Trevisan Semi Emanuela Universita Ca 'Foscari Venezia Studi Eurasiatici Individual
Tripp Charles SOAS University of London Politics and International Studies Individual
VanderMeulen Ian New York University, GSAS Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Student
Vince Natalya University of Portsmouth School of Languages and Area Studies Individual
Vitiello Joelle Macalester College French and Francophone Studies Individual
Vukovic Anita University of California, Los Angeles Anthropology Student
Wainscott Ann Miami University Individual Member
Walters Keith Portland State University Applied Linguistics AIMS Lifetime Member
Warshel Yael Pennsylvania State University Telecommunications Dept/Rock Ethics Institute Institutional Member
Watson Elizabeth Penn State University Serials Department Institutional Member
Webber Sabra Ohio State University Department of Near Eastern Languages AIMS Lifetime Member
White Gregory Smith College Department of Government AIMS Lifetime Member
Wickham Carrie Emory University Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies Individual
Williford Daniel University of Michigan History Student
Witulski Christopher Bowling Green State University College of Musical Arts Individual
Wolf Anne Girton College, University of Cambridge Student
Wylie Diana Boston University African Studies Center Institutional Member
Wyrtzen Jonathan Yale University History Institutional Member
Yanco Jennifer Boston University West African Research Association Institutional Member
Yerkes Sarah Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Middle East Program Individual
Young Alden Drexel University History Individual
Youssef Maro University of Taxes at Austin Sociology Student
Zartman I William Johns Hopkins University-SAIS Conflict Management AIMS Lifetime Member
Zayani Mohamed Georgetown University Communcation, Culture and Technology Program Individual
Zou Dongxin Columbia University EALAC Student