AIMS at MESA 2016
November 17-20, 2016
Boston Marriott Copley Place
Boston, MA

Each year the AIMS board meets in conjunction with the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Annual Meeting. Following the AIMS board meeting, all members and potential members are invited to attend the AIMS business meeting. Please join us in Boston in November, 2016 as MESA celebrates 50 years of scholarship.

2016 Annual Board Meeting:
Closed meeting limited to board members, officers, directors, staff and invited guests; All other interested parties are invited to attend the AIMS Business Meeting

2016 Annual Business Meeting:
Thursday, November 17, 3:00pm-4:30pm
Boston Marriott Copley Place, Wellesley (3)
**We are honored to have the 2016 L. Carl Brown AIMS Book Prize Winners Ronald Messier and James Miller give a presentation on their book and take questions at the AIMS Business Meeting**

2016 AIMS Sponsored Panels:
The Meaning of Imperial Rule: Evidence from Colonial Morocco
[P4423] Friday, 11/18/16 10:00am

Crossing borders: Transnational histories of the colonial-era Maghrib
[P4472] Friday, 11/18/16 1:45pm

Looking Back to Look Forward: North African and Iberian Relations in the 16th and 21st Centuries
[P4550] Friday, 11/18/16 5:45pm

2016 Jeanne Jeffers Mrad Travel Awards:
Max Ajl, Cornell University, Technical Aid to Big Wheat: The Green Revolution in Tunisia
Friday, 11/18/16 5:45pm

Isabella Alexander, Emory University, Waiting to ‘Burn’: Spanish-Maghribi Relations and the Management of Contemporary Economic Migrations
Sunday, 11/20/16 10:00am

Daniel E. Coslett, University of Washington, Antiquity’s Afterlife in the Built Environments of Postcolonial Tunis
Saturday, 11/19/16 12:00nn

Rebecca Gruskin, Stanford University, Phosphates: Local Dissidence and Global Agriculture in Gafsa, Tunisia, 1890s-1970s
Friday, 11/18/16 5:45pm

Veronica Menaldi, University of Minnesota, Prophesizing the Future Iberian/North African Relations: A Case Study of One Set of Understudied 16th Century Iberian pliegos
Friday, 11/18/16 5:45pm

Karem Said, Stanford University, The Popular Politics of Sociality in Low-Income Internet Use in Tunis, Tunisia
Sunday, 11/20/16 2:00pm

Vish Sakthivel, University of Oxford, The Algerian MSP: Islamist Relevance and Rethinking the Local
Saturday, 11/19/16 10:00am

Sarah Weirich, University of Pittsburgh, The Coercive Apparatus in Tunisia: Paradigms Lost?
Sunday, 11/20/16 10:00am

2016 I. William Zartman North African Travel Award:

AIMS nine member Board of Directors serve three year terms. Annually, two are selected from the Institutional Members and one from the general membership. Officers, staff and Overseas Research Directors are part of AIMS steering committee. Past officers and directors are often asked to attend in an advisory capacity.

Current AIMS Board: (through year listed)
2016: Todd Shepard, Johns Hopkins University
2016: Mark Tessler, University of Michigan
2016: Jonathan Wyrtzen, Yale University

2017: Eric Calderwood, University of Illinois, Urbana-Canmpaign
2017: Diana Wylie, Boston University
2017: Open

2018: Mia Fuller, University of California, Berkeley
2018: Doris Gray, Al Akhawayn University
2018: Jacob Mundy, Colgate University

AIMS Officers, Staff and Advisors:
Allen Fromherz, President
Jonathan Wyrtzen, Vice President
Donna Lee Bowen, Treasurer
Diana Wylie, Secretary
Terry Ryan, AIMS Assistant Director
Robert Parks, CEMA Director
Laryssa Chomiak, CEMAT Director
John Davison, TALIM Director
Christopher Tuttle, CAORC Director
I. William Zartman, Founding Member