AIMS at MESA 2018
November 15-18, 2018
Grand Hyatt San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas

Each year the AIMS board meets in conjunction with the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Annual Meeting. Following the AIMS board meeting, all members and potential members are invited to attend the AIMS business meeting. Please join us in San Antonio, November 15-18, 2018.

2018 Annual Board Meeting:
Closed meeting limited to board members, officers, directors, staff and invited guests; All other interested parties are invited to attend the AIMS Business Meeting

2018 Annual Business Meeting:

Thursday, November 15th, 3:00pm – 4:15pm, Bowie C (2)

AIMS Grants Information Session
Thursday, November 15, 4:15-4:45pm, Bowie C (2)

2018 AIMS Sponsored Panels:

[P5058] Colonial Rule and Modern Identity in Morocco (Friday, 11/16/18, 11:00am)
[P5135] Where is the Maghreb? Problematizing a Liminal Space (Friday, 11/16/18, 1:30pm)

2018 Jeanne Jeffers Mrad Travel Awards:

July Blalack, SOAS, University of London
Travel Outside and Inside: Maghrebi Sufi Response to Foreign Invasion
[P5265] Saturday, 11/17/18 5:30pm

Anne Butler, State University of New York at Buffalo
Citizen/Performer: Participatory Performance Art in Post-Revolution Tunisia
[P5238] Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am

Samia Errazzouki, University of California Davis
The Colonial Roots of Nationalist Modernity: Rereading Abdallah Laroui
[P5058] Friday, 11/16/18 11:00am

Allison Korinek, New York University
Tongue Tied: The Transnational Roots of French Algeria’s Interprétariat, 1830-1848
[P5362] Saturday, 11/17/18 3:00pm

Jackson Perry, Georgetown University
Sparrows in Eucalyptus Trees: An Unexpected Enemy in the Modern Maghrib
[P5084] Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am

Lana Salman, University of California Berkeley
Making land thinkable: Five decades of urban upgrading programs in Tunisia
[P5234] Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am

Emma Snowden, University of Minnesota
Destroyed by the Sword, Revived by the Word: The Almohad Conquest of al-Andalus in Al-mann bi-l-imāma
[P5279] Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am

Gwyneth Talley, University of California, Los Angeles
Mule Retirement Homes and Adoptions for Street Dogs: Caring for the Working and Companion Animals of Morocco
[P5084] Sunday, 11/18/18 11:00am

Paraska Tolan-Szkilnik, University of Pennsylvania
Poésie sur tous les fronts: Jean Sénac and the Alt-Panafrican Festival of Algiers
[P5326] Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm

Ian VanderMeulen, New York University
Mapping the ‘Warsh zone’: networks of tajwid practice in the precolonial Maghreb
[P5106] Sunday, 11/18/18 8:30am

Dongxin Zou, Columbia University
Experimenting Socialist Medicine: The Practice and Teaching of a Localized Acupuncture in Algeria
[P5061] Sunday, 11/18/18 1:30pm


AIMS nine member Board of Directors serve three year terms. Annually, two are selected from the Institutional Members and one from the general membership. Officers, staff and Overseas Research Directors are part of AIMS steering committee. Past officers and directors are often asked to attend in an advisory capacity.

Current AIMS Board: (through year listed)
2018: Vacant
2018: Doris Gray, Al Akhawayn University
2018: Jacob Mundy, Colgate University

2019: Benjamin Brower, University of Texas at Austin
2019: Murian Davis, University of California, Santa Cruz
2019: Camilo-Gomez-Rivas, University of California, Santa Cruz

2020: Brock Cutler, Radford University
2020: Hussein Fancy, University of Michigan
2020: Yael Warshel, Pennsylvania State University

AIMS Officers, Staff and Advisors:
Allen Fromherz, President
Jonathan Wyrtzen, Vice President
Mia Fuller, Treasurer
Diana Wylie, Secretary
Terry Ryan, AIMS US Director
Robert Parks, CEMA Director
Laryssa Chomiak, CEMAT Director
John Davison, TALIM Director
Rick Spees, CAORC Director
I. William Zartman, Founding Member